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The Untold Story of XtremeDawg

    XtremeDawg is, to put it bluntly, insane. Some might say the same about me but the fact is this tale is not about Sonny  Sanders. No, this is the story of XtremeDawg the biggest Steeldogs fan alive.

    XtremeDawg came to life on March 31, 2000 in the BJCC arena. The story of XtremeDawg is not unlike the tale of Frankenstein and his monster. The differences are subtle but the end result is about the same. While the monster created by Frankenstein was done on purpose the creation of XtremeDawg was purely a twist of fate. Somehow in both cases the mad doctor and I both were left facing a monster of our own creation. A monster who would threaten all we know and love. Little did I know, as I sat watching the Vipers pound the Steeldogs, this creature was growing. They say it works that way with a parasite. Too late you realize that you have been infected and your life has been changed.
    I’m not trying to say that having XtremeDawg around is a bad thing and I’m not trying to complain or whine about the guy but he does pose some problems. Not the least of which is thinking of him as a separate entity. This does cause some people to look at me and think “poor boy needs some help.” Just know that it is not easy living with the guy.

    XtremeDawg was born but the first few games he was not visible, but he makes himself known very quickly. On July 1st of 2000 he took over and the world has not been the same. I’m not sure exactly how it happened all I know is I found myself in Roanoke,  Virginia. I was thinking what kind of fool travels this far to watch an af2 game? I was not prepared for the ride that was to come.

To be continued…..